We start with the “Eco Smart” program - Centrum Nowe Czyżyny Kraków
Nowe Czyżyny
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Carrefour Hypermarket
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Nowe Czyżyny Shopping Centre

2 Medweckiego Street

31-870 Cracow

103, 113, 174, 202, 212, 222, 232
1, 5, 9, 14, 22, 52, 62
Bus / tram stop:
Rondo Czyżyńskie
129, 142
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Bus stop:
Marii Dąbrowskiej

We start with the “Eco Smart” program

How can you contribute to our planet through daily choices? Sometimes a small gesture is enough! You will be able to convince yourself of this thanks to the “Eco Smart” program, which is currently underway in Nowe Czyżyny.

What is “Eco Smart”? Eco Smart is our proprietary ecological education program, from which you will learn how to be eco every day and how to minimize your negative impact on the environment.

How to become an eco-smart? It is very easy! Look for tips and tricks on stickers in our centre, as well as in shops, restaurants and service points of Nowe Czyżyn. They will tell you which of the daily practices can be of benefit to nature.

As part of the “Eco Smart” program in our centre, we will also organize educational workshops for children and adults, as well as partner events with local foundations and institutions, including on creative recycling or promoting a healthy lifestyle.

It sounds interesting? And good! Our program is not a one-off action, but the whole philosophy of living in the spirit of eco! Therefore, be eco today, Eco Smart!